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Precautions for using bell jar furnace

Pay attention to the following items when using bell jar furnace:
1. The equipment and control cabinet shall be grounded as a whole, and the grounding resistance of the grounding wire shall be less than 4 Ω. When installing the heater, do not use force to prevent damage.
2. The furnace core orientation must be accurate. The reaction tank must be hung straight, with moderate height and placed neatly. The two rows of boxes shall be equidistant to ensure accurate furnace core width. Fill the space between the four corners of the reaction tank and the end wall with paper.
3. The position of furnace core shall be accurate, and the reaction tank must be suspended vertically.
4. Do not overload.
5. Avoid the reaction between heating elements and products, especially the contact between copper, aluminum, zinc, tin, lead, etc. and vacuum heating elements, whether it is fine powder, molten liquid or steam, to prevent the formation of "numbness" on the surface of the electric heater. Pit ", the section becomes smaller, and then overheat combustion.
6. After each loading, the hopper shutter must be closed tightly. After loading, the waste or graphite sprinkled on the end wall tie rod shall be cleaned up, the lifting trolley shall be parked in a safe place, the lifting shaft shall be pressed up, the cover shall be covered, and the furnace number and abnormal state shall be filled in. The process card is sent to the train group with the furnace.
7. The cooling system is an important part of it. The cooling water circuit shall be kept unblocked, otherwise the water temperature will rise and the machine will shut down. Therefore, the water system should be checked regularly, but when the serpentine cooling water pipe is found to be blocked, the water channel can be disconnected from the water source, drained and blown with compressed air or washed with dilute acetic acid solution.
8. Turn off the switch of the vacuum gauge before inflation to prevent aging of the vacuum gauge.