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What cannot be operated when the atmosphere furnace is working

Previously, Nuotai Technology told you some knowledge about how to ventilate the atmosphere furnace. Today, I want to share with you what operations are not allowed when using the atmosphere furnace.
1. During the working process of the atmosphere furnace, the furnace tube of the atmosphere furnace shall not be touched at will to prevent scalding due to high temperature.
2. The newly purchased atmosphere furnace or one that has been placed for a long time cannot be used directly, but can only be used after baking.
3. During the operation of the atmosphere furnace, the furnace door cannot be opened directly because the furnace temperature is very high. If the furnace door is opened suddenly, the hot gas will overflow, which will easily cause burns to the personnel who open the furnace door.
4. After the experiment is completed, the test sample cannot be taken out immediately; Because the rapid removal of the test sample will cause unnecessary stress on the sample, and unexpected results may be obtained. Therefore, the atmosphere furnace can only be taken out after the test sample is cooled to the ambient temperature.
5. The atmosphere furnace shall not be used on the uneven ground to prevent vibration during the operation of the electric furnace, which may cause the experimental materials to overflow into the furnace. Influence experiment. The heating elements in the furnace may also be broken by vibration, because the heating elements in high temperature operation are more brittle and easy to break.
6. Power off before cleaning the atmosphere furnace.
7. If there is a fault during operation, do not let it continue to operate, but power off for maintenance.