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Precautions when using vacuum atmosphere tube furnace

Specific precautions for vacuum atmosphere tube furnace are as follows:

1. Limit vacuum degree and leakage rate of vacuum atmosphere tube furnace (related to furnace sealing)

2. Pay attention to the time for pumping to the limit vacuum (related to the quality of mechanical pump and Roots pump)

3. Heating rate (sometimes required by process)

4. Cooling rate from high temperature to room temperature (production efficiency), whether there is a quick cooling device

5. The maximum temperature that the furnace can reach and the maximum operating temperature of the furnace

6. Specification and model of vacuum gauge

7. Whether the process gas can be passed involves the need of use. If the sintered products sometimes need some gas, this is necessary.

8. The heating element material and the connection mode and insulation material between the heating element and the vacuum tube furnace power supply must be high-purity graphite if it is graphite, and the insulation material must be good, and the wiring structure is not easy to cause short circuit.