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How to judge the quality of high temperature electric furnace

    As users of high-temperature electric furnaces, when they need to buy high-temperature electric furnaces, they definitely want to buy high-quality electric furnaces and will not blindly pursue low prices, because everyone knows that the price is the same as the goods. Products with different prices will definitely differ in the use of materials. As a high-temperature electric furnace, the quality of the furnace shell or other components is definitely different at different prices. Therefore, we can not blindly pursue low prices. Today we will mainly tell you how to judge the quality of high-temperature electric furnaces.

Friends who have used high-temperature electric furnaces should know that the main components of high-temperature electric furnaces are: furnace shell, furnace, heating elements and other electrical parts. Let's analyze the following aspects:

1、 Furnace shell

The shell of the furnace body must be made of better materials, such as carbon steel alloy and cold-rolled steel plate, so as to ensure the service life of the electric furnace. After all, the temperature of the electric furnace is high. If it is made of very thin iron sheet, it will certainly not be durable, and it may cause harm to the human body accidentally.

2、 Furnace

The furnace is like the heart of a high-temperature electric furnace. Therefore, the furnace must use good refractory and thermal insulation materials. For example, for a 1200 degree high-temperature electric furnace, its refractory material must be at least temperature resistant to 1300-1400 degrees, so as to facilitate its service life; The same is true for thermal insulation materials.

3、 Heating element

Heating elements shall be produced by well-known manufacturers, so as to ensure quality. Moreover, the use of heating elements also has a specific temperature range. For example, the electric furnace wire is generally used in the electric furnace below 1000 degrees, the silicon carbide rod is generally used in the electric furnace of 1200-1400 degrees, and the silicon molybdenum rod is generally used in the electric furnace of 1400-1800 degrees. Moreover, the electric furnace with low use temperature cannot use the heating element with high temperature, which may easily lead to low-temperature oxidation of the heating element and reduce the service life.

4: Other electrical parts

For example, electrical appliances such as thermocouples can only be produced by well-known manufacturers.