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PECVD System - Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition System

First, I will briefly introduce the concept of PECVD system. The PECVD system is to reduce the reaction temperature of traditional chemical vapor deposition (CVD) by adding an RF radio frequency induction device to the front end of the ordinary CVD device to ionize the reactive gas to form plasma. The activity of the bulk promotes the reaction, so this system is called an enhanced chemical vapor deposition system (PECVD).

    The gas-mixed tubular PECVD produced by Protech company is the latest model, which combines the advantages of the tubular PECVD systems of most domestic manufacturers, and adds a gas preheating zone to the front end of PECVD. There are few holes and it is not easy to crack. And the control part adopts the self-developed control system, which makes the operation easier and the function more powerful.
    The current mainstream PECVD coating in China is the tubular PECVD coating method, that is, a quartz tube like a diffusion furnace tube is used as a deposition chamber, a resistance furnace is used as a heating body, and a graphite boat that can place multiple silicon wafers is inserted into the feed. deposition in a quartz tube. The uniformity of deposition is closely related to the design of electrodes and chambers. In addition, the gas flow of tubular PECVD starts from the end of the quartz tube, which will also cause uneven distribution of process gas, which will also lead to uneven film formation on the surface of solar cells. evenly.

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