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Uses and characteristics of lifting box furnace

    The furnace chamber of the lifting furnace is all made of fiber products, which has the characteristics of fast heating, energy saving, and high temperature control accuracy. Hydraulic lifting, furnace mouth down, furnace door can be opened for cyclic operation under high temperature conditions. It is suitable for chemical analysis and physical determination in industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research units, laboratories of universities and colleges, etc. It has been widely used in the research and small batch production of battery materials, electronic ceramics, magnetic materials, non-ferrous metals, chemical raw materials and other products.
  Lifting box furnace
Product features of lifting furnace:
1. Thermal series lifting furnaces, also known as bell furnaces, can use furnace body lifting according to product requirements, and two types of furnace bottom lifting. There are two types of shapes: square and round.
2. The lining material is equipped with different refractory materials according to different temperatures, and the heating elements are also configured differently according to the temperature.
3. The thermal insulation material adopts lightweight thermal insulation bricks and high-quality aluminum silicate refractory fiber cotton.
4. The temperature control part matched with the electric furnace adopts PID adjustable intelligent instrument control, which can program multiple program segments to accurately control the firing process of the product, and has protection functions such as overcurrent, current limiting, and overheating. 
5. When the furnace door is opened, there is an automatic power-off function to ensure the safety of users to the greatest extent. 
6. Compared with the ordinary box furnace, the whole equipment has the characteristics of more uniform furnace temperature, safer use, and more convenient loading and unloading.