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Introduction of vacuum annealing furnace equipment

Vacuum annealing furnace equipment is a process used in the manufacture of semiconductor devices, which includes heating multiple semiconductor wafers to affect their electrical properties. Heat treatment is designed for different effects. The wafer can be heated to activate the dopant, convert the thin film into a thin film or the thin film into a wafer substrate interface, make a densely deposited thin film, change the state of the grown thin film, repair implanted damage, move the dopant or change the doping The agent is transferred from one film to another or from the film into the wafer substrate.
    The annealing furnace can be integrated into other furnace processing steps, such as oxidation, or it can be processed by itself. The annealing furnace is completed by equipment specially designed for heating semiconductor wafers. The annealing furnace is an energy-saving periodic operating furnace with a super energy-saving structure and a fiber structure that saves 60% of electricity.
The skeleton of the annealing furnace is welded by various section steels. The outer frame is made of channel steel as the main beam, the coaming plate is made of cold thin plate, the trolley is made of channel steel as the main beam, and the bottom plate and front and rear end plates are medium plates.
The transmission part of the annealing furnace: the trolley transmission adopts an electric motor and a reducer to drive a set of driving wheels at the front end through a chain. The furnace door drive adopts a combination of a worm gear reducer and a motor for electric lifting.
Sealing: The trolley and the furnace body are sealed in a labyrinth structure, and there are automatic sand-sealing knife sealing devices on both sides of the trolley. The furnace door is sealed with a roller-type compression and spring compression automatic mechanism. The furnace body part adopts a high-quality refractory brick structure to ensure the tightness of the furnace chamber. The pressure-resistant part of the trolley is built with high-alumina bricks, and the lower part is equipped with insulation bricks for heat preservation.
Annealing furnace combustion system: install several burners on both sides of the oil furnace, and the heat flow reciprocates in the furnace to ensure the uniformity of furnace temperature. Automatic type and semi-automatic type can be selected according to needs.
Exhaust preheating device: A fume preheating device is installed at the upper end of the furnace. When the flue gas in the furnace passes through the preheater, it is preheated by the fan into cold air, and then sent to the burner by the pipeline to support combustion, and A manual butterfly valve is installed at the outlet, which can adjust the pressure in the furnace. It is widely used in the process of heating, cooling, condensation, evaporation and other industrial sectors such as chemical industry, petroleum, food, metallurgy, machinery, light industry, electric power, shipbuilding, papermaking, mining, medicine, and central heating.
Vacuum annealing furnace equipment