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Selection Skills for High Temperature Atmosphere Furnace

Today, I will share with you the selection skills of high-temperature atmosphere furnace:
high-temperature atmosphere furnace
     High-temperature atmosphere furnaces are widely used. High-temperature atmosphere furnaces are suitable for industries such as industrial and mining enterprises, universities, research institutes and laboratories. It is very important to master the selection skills of high-temperature atmosphere furnaces to meet business needs, save business costs, and improve business economic benefits.
1. First, make sure that the heat treatment process conforms to the heating process of the high-temperature atmosphere furnace.
2. Determine the size of the furnace, and select the size of the furnace according to the size of the workpiece.
3. Determine the operating temperature and select the highest temperature of the electric furnace according to the heating temperature of the workpiece. It is best that the rated temperature of the electric furnace is greater than the temperature of the workpiece.
4. Determine whether to vacuum or pass protective atmosphere.
5. Determine whether it is used for experiments and small batch production or mass production.
It is not that difficult to buy a high-temperature atmosphere furnace. New users only need to determine the heat treatment process, temperature and furnace size they want. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.