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Introduction to the characteristics of vacuum atmosphere furnace

    The vacuum atmosphere furnace has the characteristics of uniform temperature field, high temperature rise and fall speed, energy saving, and a variety of gases. The electric furnace shell adopts a double-layer forced air-cooling structure, so that the outer temperature of the electric furnace shell is close to room temperature when the temperature is high, not higher than 40 degrees Celsius. The furnace material adopts internationally advanced lightweight alumina ceramic fiber, which has excellent thermal insulation effect, light weight, high temperature resistance, extreme cold and extreme heat resistance, no cracks, no crystallization, no slag, and no need to worry about polluting the fired product. The energy saving effect is 60%-80% of the old electric furnace. The temperature control electric furnace adopts integrated electric furnace, module control, and dual-circuit protection [protective functions such as partial temperature protection, ultra-high temperature protection, broken couple protection, over-current protection, over-voltage protection, etc.] to make the electric furnace work stable, reliable and safe.
    The characteristic of the atmosphere furnace is that at a certain temperature, a certain composition of artificial preparation atmosphere is passed into the furnace to achieve certain heat treatment purposes, such as gas carburizing, carbonitriding and bright quenching, annealing, normalizing, etc. .
    The vacuum box atmosphere furnace has good sealing performance. In order to control the atmosphere in the furnace and maintain the pressure in the furnace, the working space in the furnace must always be isolated from the outside air, and try to avoid air leakage and inhalation of air. Therefore, the furnace shell, masonry, and furnace are required. The door and all external connecting parts such as fans, thermocouples, radiant tubes, push-pull feeders, etc. adopt sealing devices; heating method
    In order to ensure the stability of the atmosphere, the atmosphere furnace can be divided into two types: muffle furnace and muffle-free furnace. The flame of the muffle furnace is outside the muffle, and the workpiece is indirectly heated in the muffle; the muffle-free furnace adopts various flames. The radiant tube or electric radiant tube separates the flame or electric heating element from the furnace gas, so as not to destroy the stability of the atmosphere in the furnace.
vacuum atmosphere furnace