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What is the difference between tube resistance furnace and muffle furnace?

The air tightness of the tube furnace is better, and it is recommended to use the tube furnace for higher vacuum and air tightness requirements. Relatively speaking, the operation of the muffle furnace is relatively simple. In terms of temperature, both the tube furnace and the muffle furnace can reach 1800°C. The furnace size of the muffle furnace is controllable, and the test or production volume is larger. The diameter of the high-temperature tube furnace is limited, so the high-temperature tube furnace is smaller than the high-temperature muffle furnace.

Here, we recommend that you use 1200-1700C ordinary rotary tube furnace. If your materials are in need, please choose a rotary tube furnace. The materials and temperature are more uniform, and the cost-effectiveness of the equipment is also high.

rotary tube furnace

tube furnace