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How can the service life of the vacuum sintering furnace be increased?

How can the service life of the vacuum sintering furnace be increased?
vacuum sintering furnace
1. The cooling water source for the intermediate frequency power supply, the vacuum furnace body, and the induction coil-the water in the reservoir must be full, and there must be no impurities in the water.
2. Check the vacuum pump power system, the belt pulley belt is tight, and the vacuum pump oil is located at the center line of the oil seal observation hole. After checking, manually rotate the vacuum pump belt pulley. If there is no abnormality, start the vacuum pump with the butterfly valve closed.
3. Check the conditions in the vacuum furnace, requiring first-class hygiene in the vacuum furnace, good insulation of the induction coil, elasticity of the sealing vacuum tape, and qualified dimensions.
4. After the above preparations are complete, turn on the power and close the intermediate frequency power supply. According to the intermediate frequency start rule, try to start the frequency conversion, and stop the frequency conversion after success, before starting the furnace.
5. After the vacuum degree reaches the specified requirements, start the frequency conversion, adjust the intermediate frequency power, and operate according to the sintering regulations of the relevant materials; heating, heat preservation and cooling.
6. After observing the blackening of the furnace chamber from the observation hole of the furnace body, first close the vacuum pump butterfly valve and disconnect the vacuum pump current, then connect the tap water to continue cooling the induction coil and the furnace body, and finally stop the water pump.
7. The intermediate frequency voltage of 750 volts has the risk of electric shock. During the entire operation and inspection process, pay attention to operational safety and do not touch the intermediate frequency electric cabinet with your hands.
8. During the sintering process of the vacuum sintering furnace, observe whether the induction coil has arc discharge at any time from the observation hole on the side of the furnace body. If an abnormal phenomenon is found, it should be reported to the relevant personnel immediately.
9. Under vacuum conditions, any workpieces or containers that are easy to volatilize and affect vacuum sanitation, cause pipeline blockage, and vacuum pump dirty, shall not enter the furnace.