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How to choose a reasonable muffle furnace combustion method correctly?

In the field of muffle furnaces, the existing combustion methods are analyzed and improved, and new combustion methods are discussed and tested to continuously improve the fuel utilization rate and the technical level of combustion equipment.
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Combustion refers to the process in which combustible components (carbon, hydrogen, sulfur and hydrocarbons) in fuel combine with oxygen in the air and emit light and heat through a strong chemical reaction at a certain temperature. Complete combustion refers to the combustible components of fuel, which is suitable for gas supply and gas supply methods, so it does not produce black smoke. Otherwise, it is not completely burnt.

1. In order to achieve the economic operation goal of the muffle furnace, it is necessary to solve the problem of complete fuel combustion.

2. A sufficiently high furnace temperature is the main condition for fuel combustion. The lowest temperature at which the fuel begins to undergo intense oxidation is called the ignition temperature. The heat required to heat the fuel above the ignition temperature is called the heat source. The heat source for fuel ignition in the combustion chamber generally comes from the heat radiation of the flame and furnace wall, and is in contact with high-temperature smoke. The temperature of the furnace composed of the heat source must be kept above the ignition and combustion temperature of the fuel, that is, if the furnace temperature is high enough, the fuel can be continuously burned. Otherwise, the fuel will be difficult to ignite, unable to burn, or even cut off.

3. The right amount of air
The fuel must be completely exposed and mixed with enough air during the combustion process. When the furnace temperature is high enough, the combustion reaction speed is very fast, and the oxygen in the air will be quickly consumed. It is necessary to provide enough air. However, the muffle furnace sends too much air into the furnace in actual operation, but the excess air cannot be too much, so it is necessary to avoid lowering the furnace temperature.

4. Enough combustion space
When the fuel flue gas flows, the flammable substances or fine coal dust volatile in the fuel will burn. If the furnace space (volume) is too small, the flue gas moves too fast, the residence time of the flue gas in the furnace is too short, and combustible materials and coal dust cannot be completely burned. Especially when combustible materials (combustible gas, oil droplets) contact the heating surface of the boiler before they are completely burned, the combustible materials are cooled below the ignition temperature and cannot burn completely, forming carbon nodules. At the same time, sufficient combustion space is ensured, which is conducive to the complete contact and mixing of air and materials, as well as the full combustion of combustibles.

5. Sufficient time
It takes a certain time for fuel to burn, especially in a muffle furnace. Fuel burning must take enough time. The larger the burning particles, the longer the burning time. If the burning time is not enough, the fuel burning will not be completed.