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How to distinguish between industrial electric furnace and experimental electric furnace

    Industrial electric stove is an energy-saving electric stove made of ultra-lightweight refractory fiber. Electric furnace is equipped with temperature control cabinet. The controller can automatically or manually control the temperature of the electric furnace. The user can be equipped with a computer watch or computer control for multi-temperature measurement to ensure mass production. This series of electric furnaces are cyclically operated electric furnaces. The rated temperature is 600°C-1800°C, and the metal parts stop normalizing, annealing, quenching and other heating in an oxidizing atmosphere. Let's take a look at the differences between industrial and experimental electric furnaces:
Electric furnace
    First of all, industrial electric furnace is also called continuous electric furnace, and experimental electric furnace is also called intermittent electric furnace. The main difference between them lies in their respective furnace body and application range:

    The experimental electric furnace is an economical electric furnace used for metal element analysis and common metal heat treatment in laboratories and industrial and mining enterprises. It has the characteristics of fast heating, small gas consumption and good furnace temperature uniformity.

    The main components of industrial electric furnaces are: industrial furnace masonry, industrial furnace exhaust system, industrial furnace preheater and industrial furnace fire extinguishing device. Industrial electric furnace adopts temperature control instrument imported from Japan with digital display intelligent instrument, stable temperature control, high reliability of the instrument; temperature control method: adopt thyristor phase shift voltage adjustment and temperature control. Voltage regulation adopts German Siemens trigger integrated circuit, which has the function of overheating retention.

Therefore, the laboratory electric furnace also has its common saying:
1 Silicon carbide lining, full fiber insulation.
2 The heating element is placed on the furnace wall with high temperature resistant wires to form a heating plate, which is convenient and safe.
3 The experimental electric furnace can also be equipped with a programmable temperature control instrument, and the RS485 interface can be configured to complete the remote control and data collection of the electric furnace.