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Things you don't know about the scope of use of tube furnaces

    The tube furnace is a furnace that operates regularly, which can be used for heating chemical analysis, physical measurement and thermocouple identification in industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research units, laboratories and workshops. The tube furnace is mainly used for heating in laboratories, industrial and mining enterprises and scientific research units for chemical analysis, physical measurement and thermocouple verification. The single-tube carbon fixed furnace uses silicon carbide rods as heating elements to analyze and measure the carbon and sulfur content in ordinary steel or alloy steel. The tube furnace consists of a heating furnace body and a waste heat recovery system. The chimney baffle is arranged in the tube furnace body. A high-temperature flue gas outlet is provided under the chimney baffle. The waste heat recovery system includes an air preheater. The air preheater is composed of a non-condensing air preheater and a condensing air preheater.
tubular furnace
    The shape of the tube furnace is a horizontal cylinder, which is placed on a base made of thin steel plate. The furnace shell is welded by thin steel plates. The studio is a tube furnace made of silicon carbide or alumina refractory. The outer surface of the furnace is made of spiral single wire groove. The iron-chromium-aluminum alloy wire is wound in the groove. Rings made of refractory materials at both ends of the furnace are fixed on the furnace cover. Aluminum silicate refractory fiber products and other materials are used as an insulating layer between the furnace and the shell.

Safety operation specification of tube furnace:

Sound and light alarm devices and safety interlock protection devices are installed in key positions to ensure safety. The equipment safety facilities comply with national safety standards, including:

1. Only when the furnace lid is closed and the vacuum reaches a certain condition, the heating can be started.

2. Alarm and protection of over-temperature circuit breakers; abnormal inflation; grounding protection; short-circuit protection, etc.

3. If the thermocouple is broken or the temperature in the furnace is overheated, the furnace will automatically stop heating.

4. When the pressure in the furnace is too high, the safety relief valve automatically releases the pressure to ensure the safe operation of the system.

5. When the equipment is cut off, the furnace automatically stops heating.