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Quickly understand the characteristics of the atmosphere furnace

Everyone wants to know the characteristics of the atmosphere furnace, and today I will talk about several outstanding characteristics of the atmosphere furnace:
atmosphere furnace
  1. Tightness
  In order to control the atmosphere in the furnace and maintain the pressure in the furnace, the working space in the furnace must always be isolated from the outside air, try to avoid air leakage and inhalation of air, so the furnace shell, masonry, furnace door and all external connecting parts such as fans are required. Thermocouples, radiant tubes, push-pull feeders, etc. adopt sealing devices;

  2. Atmosphere control atmosphere furnace
  In order to maintain a certain carbon potential in the atmosphere furnace, in addition to controlling the stability of the atmosphere composition, the temperature in the furnace must also be controlled.
  3. Control instrument
  In many cases, the atmosphere will not be automatically controlled. Therefore, it is necessary to have various control instruments to continuously or periodically measure and adjust the air supply in the furnace.

  4. Can enter the atmosphere
  Another obvious feature of the atmosphere furnace is that it can pass a certain composition of artificial preparation atmosphere into the furnace at a certain temperature to achieve certain heat treatment purposes, such as gas carburizing, carbonitriding, bright quenching, and annealing , Normalizing, etc.