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Treatment and adjustment plan for large indication error in atmosphere furnace

Handling and operating knowledge of large error in atmosphere furnace
 atmosphere furnace
   Atmosphere furnace is built with mullite poly light bricks, and silicon carbide panels are used up and down in the furnace. The temperature in the furnace is conducted by the heating element through the silicon carbide panels during the heating process (dark fire heating), and the temperature is more uniform. The furnace shell is sealed. In order to improve the service life of the gasket, a circulating water cooling jacket is installed at the door of the furnace to reduce the temperature of the seal. The air inlet is set at the bottom of the furnace, which is preheated in the heating cavity and enters the furnace in multiple places, and the exhaust is discharged through the back of the furnace top. Ensure that the atmosphere in the furnace is uniform and reduce the temperature difference in the furnace. A gas flow meter is installed on the gas path to control the flow of the atmosphere in normal use.
   Next, the editor will tell you about the value error of the atmosphere:
   If the indication error is too large, check whether the box atmosphere furnace is working properly. For example, in order to prevent the stainless steel protection tube of the thermocouple of the control instrument from being shorted to the furnace wire, an insulating porcelain tube is placed on the thermocouple of the control instrument. In this way, the insulating porcelain tube should be cut short to prevent the actual length of the control instrument thermocouple from being exposed. It is shorter than 8-10 times of the thermocouple protection tube; the hole of the thermocouple of the control instrument on the furnace wall should be sealed tightly to prevent heat loss in the nearby area. In actual situations, certain measures can be taken to reduce the on-site correction value of furnace temperature with larger absolute value of indication error.