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Installation and application instructions of atmosphere furnace

The installation of atmosphere furnace includes furnace body installation and electrical installation, and has different requirements respectively, as follows:
atmosphere furnace
   One, the electric furnace is installed to suit the physiological operating height of the human body, the effective load of the installation foundation should be greater than 500KG, and the installation ground should be flat to ensure the smooth and accurate movement of the inner tank into and out of the furnace.

   Two, electrical installation, on the premise of ensuring personal safety, in order to achieve a suitable application environment, the specific requirements are as follows:

  The experimental atmosphere furnace and the control cabinet are grounded as a whole, and the grounding resistance of the grounding wire should be less than 4Ω. Power configuration: 3-phase 380V. The user's electric control cabinet configuration power should be greater than 20Kw. The thermocouple is inserted into the furnace with a depth of 25mm, and is connected with the temperature control instrument by the compensation wire of the N graduation number. When installing the resistance wire, do not use force to prevent breakage.