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Nine points to master before installing a vacuum sintering furnace

Today Nuotai Technology will share with you the nine things you need to know before installing the vacuum sintering furnace:
vacuum sintering furnace
  1. First install the control cabinet on the corresponding foundation and fix it.

  2. According to the wiring diagram and refer to the electrical schematic diagram, connect the external main circuit and control circuit, and reliably ground to ensure that the wiring is correct.

  3. The insulation resistance should not be less than 2 megaohms.

  4. Check that the movable parts of the electrical appliances should move freely without any jamming.

  5. Control the power switch in the off position.

  6. The valves of the vacuum electric furnace must be in the closed position.

  7. Turn the head counterclockwise by manually adjusting the pressure knob.

  8. The alarm button is placed in the open position.

  9. Complete the circulating cooling water connection of the equipment according to the plan. It is recommended that the user connect a spare water (tap water can be used) at the main inlet and outlet pipes of the equipment to prevent the circulation water from malfunctioning or power failure causing the sealing ring to burn out.