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Special attention should be paid to the use of tube furnace

   Zhengzhou Nuotai Technology briefly introduces the structural characteristics of down tube furnaces. Tube furnaces usually use double-layer shell structure features, which have the advantages of balanced temperature field, low surface temperature, fast temperature rise and fall, and energy saving. It is a university , Scientific research institutes, factories and mining enterprises are ideal new products for high-temperature atmosphere sintering, atmosphere reduction, CVD experiments, and vacuum annealing. So what should we pay special attention to when using tube furnaces?
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1) Check the switching power supply before using the tube furnace, and start work after confirming that the various indicators meet the standards;
2) Do not exceed the maximum temperature of the tube furnace during the whole process of using the tube furnace;
3) Let us wear high-temperature gloves, masks and other specific protective measures when loading and taking samples to avoid electric shock and burns and the inhalation of harmful gases volatilized at high temperature;
4) The tube furnace should be placed in the center of the furnace tube, and it should not be arranged randomly, otherwise it will affect the experimental results;
5) During the whole experiment, don't touch the tube furnace and its surrounding specimens;
6) The thermocouple cannot be pulled out at high temperature to avoid the explosion of the outer tube;
7) If the tube furnace is sealed, no flammable and explosive gas can be passed into it, and the furnace body should be placed in an air circulation place to maintain the cleanliness of the furnace at all times;
8) The tube furnace must not leak high-temperature solutions to the bottom of the furnace, and can be isolated by backing plates or alumina powder;
9) Once the tube furnace machine fails during the whole experiment, let us turn off the power as soon as possible and check the cause after the furnace body cools down;
10) Do not use clamps stained with water and oil to install and take the test piece to avoid fire accidents;
11) If the administrator does not allow it, the tube furnace cannot be operated, and it must be carried out in accordance with the control procedures of the tube furnace.