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Master how to improve the service life of box high temperature furnace in 2 minutes

How to improve the service life of box-type high temperature furnace?
Now Nuotai Technology will give you a brief explanation:
1. Check in advance
 Under normal conditions, the actual operation of high-temperature furnaces and experimental electric furnaces must be checked first, whether the water flow of the water cooling system software is smooth, whether the water pressure and temperature of the cooling circulating water are normal, whether there is water leakage, whether the hydraulic system is normal At work
 Box-type high temperature furnace to improve the service life process
2. Be cautious
 The actual operation needs to be done, be careful not to touch, one person actually operates, one person monitors, and it is strictly forbidden to enter the host room to prevent electric shock. The whole process of melting and casting needs to apply dry wear-resistant materials, and do light discharge and frequent feeding. When the wear-resistant materials in the furnace melt more than necessary, they should be poured out immediately to prevent high-temperature lifting furnace lining wear;
3. Diligent observation
 When it is found that there is redness on the outside of the furnace body of the high-temperature furnace, this is the precursor of the furnace leakage. Measures such as shutting down the intermediate frequency power supply and pouring out the wear-resistant materials in the furnace should be taken to prevent the leakage accident.
4. Dismantle and replace the old furnace lining immediately
 It should also be noted in the application that when it is found that the lining is getting thinner and thinner and cannot continue to be used, the box-type resistance furnace should knock off the old lining and change the new lining to prevent safety accidents of furnace leakage.
box high temperature furnace
    In addition, regular, proper and careful maintenance is an important guarantee for prolonging the service life of high-temperature furnaces and ensuring safety, as well as a necessary process to prevent injuries. The quality of the high-temperature furnace lining is related to the overall service life of the equipment. The high-temperature furnace lining is mainly made of quartz sand and other materials. A protective layer is made along the inner wall of the furnace to isolate the molten casting material and the electromagnetic coil in the furnace to maintain the electromagnetic coil. Generally, high-temperature furnaces need to be lined in the furnace body and calcined to complete the lining.
   The lining occupies this important social position in the whole process of the high-temperature furnace. The quality of the lining directly endangers the service life and safe production of the high-temperature furnace. Therefore, in the whole process of lining the furnace, it is necessary to pay attention to the binding strength must be uniform, once tying, once forming. After molding, the furnace lining will also undergo a long period of low-temperature baking, so that it will condense into a solid whole, and it has considerable strength to withstand the impact of melt stirring and feeding. When the high-temperature furnace lining is calcined, the method of empty furnace, low power and slow temperature increase should be followed, and continuous baking for more than 36 hours, so that the lining is fully condensed and solidified.

 After the lining of the high temperature furnace is tied, how to properly operate the muffle furnace is the key to prolonging the life of the high temperature furnace and ensuring the safety of life