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Do you know the electric heating method of electric furnace

    Today Nuotai Technology will explain to you the electric heating method of the program box electric furnace. In fact, it's relatively simple in nature, and everyone can understand it by looking at it carefully.
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    Electric heating method of the program box-type electric furnace The essential characteristics of the box-type electric furnace: natural air heat-proof type, light and easy to transport; the temperature rises faster, and the temperature is raised to 1100 ℃ in about 30 minutes; the furnace is heated by radiation on both sides , Ambient temperature spread average; Temperature control system: PID automatic control system Led digital presentation; Thermal insulation: imported high-temperature resistant ceramic cotton thermal insulation and ceramic fiberboard, high aluminum cotton triple thermal insulation; heater: imported KANTHAL The heater is durable, stable in raising temperature, and faster in electric heating; high-temperature resistant ceramic fiber board is used for the inside, which is not easy to deform, and the outside is galvanized and high-temperature baking varnish is beautiful and easy to peel off.

    After reading the program, the electric heating method of the box-type electric furnace feels that the principle is relatively simple.

    After we have mastered the basic method of electric heating of the box-type electric furnace and the characteristics of the heating furnace, we can apply it more and play the role of the heating furnace, because the furnace temperature is very important for the heating furnace.

    It has to be admitted that the box-type resistance furnace is suitable for the solution or pure chemical liquid that can be synthesized at a higher ambient temperature. For the general purpose, the vessel with the chemical liquid is placed on the asbestos net and heated by a gas lamp (or box-type resistance furnace). It is suitable for the solution or pure chemical solution that is easy to synthesize or evaporate and extinguish above 100℃. Generally, if the temperature is between 100-400℃, it is better to use sand bath electric heating. Like the electric heating of the liquid medicine, direct electric heating, water bath heating and sand bath electric heating can be used to volatilize according to the stability of the liquid medicine. In order to speed up the volatilization rate, in addition to properly increasing the ambient temperature, the volatilization area needs to be expanded. Evaporating dishes are commonly used in volatilization containers. When the volatilization is stopped, the amount of liquid medicine remaining in the evaporating dish should not exceed 2/3 of its total capacity, the electric heating should be even, and the speed of the electric heating should not be too fast.