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Operation skills and maintenance methods of high temperature furnace

    High temperature furnace is referred to as high temperature furnace. It is necessary equipment for laboratory or factory analysis, high temperature burning and metal heat treatment. With the development of science and technology, high temperature is becoming more and more intelligent, and its use temperature is also increasing, up to more than 2000 degrees. Therefore, when using the high temperature muffle furnace, we must be careful to avoid scalding. Here to share with you some high temperature muffle furnace use skills and maintenance methods.

1、 Installation and use of high temperature muffle furnace

1. The high temperature muffle furnace must be installed on the indoor flat working table. The matching temperature controller should not be placed too close to the electric furnace to avoid vibration. The indoor ventilation and drying should be maintained, and the temperature should be lower than 40 ℃.
2. The electric furnace and temperature controller of high temperature muffle furnace must be grounded reliably.
3. When the installation is completed, turn on the power supply, turn on the power switch of the controller, and set the temperature regulating instrument to the required temperature. At this time, the green light of the instrument is on, indicating that the heating is started. According to the power of the ammeter, the corresponding reading will be generated, and the temperature indicated by the regulating instrument will also rise at the same time. When the temperature rises to the set temperature, the regulating instrument will automatically cut off the power supply, the red light will be on, and the ammeter will indicate Return to "zero", the use of high temperature furnace means heating stop. Adjust the red, green and indicator lights of the instrument to work alternately to make the instrument reach the constant temperature state. In this process, if the furnace does not heat up or the instrument display is abnormal, it is necessary to turn off the power supply immediately and contact the manufacturer for communication to determine the problem and take appropriate treatment.
4. After the completion of the experimental work, the power supply of the high temperature muffle furnace is turned off first. When the furnace temperature is reduced to a safe level, the furnace is opened and the experimental materials are taken out.
electric crucible furnace
2、 Maintenance of high temperature muffle furnace

1. If the electric furnace will not heat up, it should be considered that the heating element has a problem. First, check whether the heating element is loose. If it is loose, plug it tightly first. If it still does not heat up, it means that the heating element is out of order. Then we need to replace the heating elements. Take the silicon molybdenum rod as an example, when replacing, first remove the protection cover at both ends and the silicon molybdenum bar clamp, then take out the damaged silicon carbide rod, and then put the new silicon molybdenum
The rod can be installed. However, the silicon molybdenum rod is a brittle material and must be carefully installed.
2. If the instrument is not debugged normally, the technical personnel can be contacted if the debugging is not normal. If the debugging is still unsuccessful, it means that the instrument is out of order. Replace it with a new one.
3. Regularly check whether the connection part of the circuit system is in good contact.
4. Correct use and standard operation, Zui high temperature 1200 ℃ can not be used for a long time, avoid over temperature and overload operation, strictly prevent sudden high temperature rise and power failure and rapid cooling, so as to avoid damage to furnace and heating wire.
5. As well as maintenance methods, it is strictly forbidden to directly heat the workpiece containing high moisture, volatile matter and organic matter into the furnace.
6. It is forbidden to heat metal, glass and other high-temperature melting materials into the furnace without crucible loading.
7. Check the condition of the electric heating element regularly, and repair and replace it in time in case of aging, fracture and short circuit.
8. To keep the furnace clean, the scraps, dust particles and scattered objects in the furnace should be removed regularly.