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Do you really know tube furnace?

    The shape of the tubular furnace is a horizontal cylinder, which is placed on the base made of thin steel plate. The shell of the tubular resistance furnace is also made of thin steel plate. Its working chamber is a tubular furnace made of silicon carbide refractory. The spiral shaped monofilament groove is made outside the furnace, and the heating element is wound in the single wire groove by iron chromium alloy The ends of both ends of the chamber are made of refractory materials, and the furnace ring is fixed on the top of the furnace cover. The fire-resistant fiber and foam guide bricks are used as masonry insulation between the furnace chamber and the furnace shell.
split tubular furnace
    There are even hole bricks and plug bricks at the two ports of the furnace body of the tubular furnace, and the thermocouple enters into the furnace from the even hole bricks.

    The tube furnace can be built-in thermocouple to monitor the temperature of heating materials in real time. Tube furnace? LED large screen LCD display, beautiful and easy to operate. You really understand the intelligent PID high-precision control, self-tuning function, 30 segment programmable control, 30 segment temperature rise and fall program can be set to achieve no power loss.

   Temperature control precision, with a variety of temperature controllers to choose from, after entering the holding state, the temperature fluctuation is small (temperature control accuracy ± 1 ℃, temperature uniformity ± 2 ℃). Non standard furnace type can be customized according to customer requirements.