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How to operate the box furnace / muffle furnace safely

Many friends will ask us a question: how to operate the box furnace or muffle furnace safely in the experiment?
muffle furnace
Today, we're going to give you a brief introduction to the safety operation steps. In fact, they are also very simple. They can be divided into the following points:
1. First of all, the first thing to pay attention to is to cut off the power supply when using the box furnace to load and take the sample, so as to prevent electric shock. This is easy to ignore, but also a very important point.
2. Check the installation position of the thermocouple of the box furnace. After the thermocouple is added into the box furnace, make sure not to touch the workpiece.
4. Determine the reasonable process range according to the drawing requirements of the workpiece. Raise the temperature on time to ensure the furnace operation. Check and calibrate the temperature of the instrument frequently to prevent misoperation.
5. In order to ensure the temperature of the furnace, the door of the box type furnace cannot be opened at will. The condition in the furnace shall be inspected from the door hole.
6. Pay attention to the accuracy of the position when putting out the furnace. Overheat will hurt the workers.

7. Cut off the power and water supply after use.
8. Connect the thermocouple to the thermometer with the wire, pay attention to the ± pole and check whether there is any error after the installation.
9. After the maintenance of the box furnace, it must be baked according to the regulations, and check whether the furnace hall and the top insulation powder are filled, and whether the grounding is tight with the furnace shell.
10. When the electric furnace is used for many times or after being stopped for a long time, it must be dried.