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Cutting Selection of Testing Samples for Automobile Door Frame Seal Strip-Diamond Wire Saw

   Automotive door frame sealing strip is one of the most important sealing strips in automotive sealing strip products and plays a leading role in the evaluation of automotive sealing quality. In the performance test of automotive door frame seals, it is sometimes necessary to select a cross-section slice as a test sample. For example, detecting cross-section bubbles, pitting, delamination cracks, coatings, and the like.
   The car door frame sealing strip is mainly composed of a fixing member and a sealing member. The main raw material is EPDM. The clamping portion consists essentially of a dense rubber matrix comprising a metal frame. It serves to strengthen the fixing and fixing of the rubber strip and to prevent peeling or peeling during work. The sealing portion consists of a sponge foam tube matrix. The sponge foam tube is soft and elastic, and has the functions of compression deformation and decompression rebound. In addition, in order to meet the various performance requirements of the door frame sealing strip, many auxiliary materials such as steel strip, galvanized steel wire, flannel cloth and the like are sometimes added.
   The diamond wire saw uses the reciprocating motion of the diamond wire to realize the cutting function. The table cuts the feed with a stepping accuracy of 0.01 mm, ensuring a smooth cutting process and a smooth cutting surface. Wire cutting diamond machine is suitable for precision cutting of glass, crystal, ceramic, rock sample, metal, plastic, PCB, refractory and other materials. Therefore, a diamond wire cutter is used to cut a thin sheet of a thin automobile door frame sealing strip. As shown in the figure below, a car door frame seal is cut with the STX series diamond wire cutter. The left part is a clamping part consisting of a compact rubber matrix comprising an alloy metal frame and the right part is a sealing part consisting of a sponge foam tube matrix.
cutting process

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It can be seen from the figure that the overall structure of the sealing strip is complete, the cutting end face of each part is intact, and the original material shape is maintained; the bonding boundary of each component is clearly identifiable, no drag phenomenon, and the test sample can be completely satisfied. Requirements. At the same time, diamond wire saws can cut multi-component composites very well.LkzMuffle Furnace,Tube Furnace,Vacuum Furnace,Atmosphere Furnac