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Year-end discount of 42%! Save 500$ !(box furnace and tube furnace)

No budget? Don't worry, it will be promoted to you at the end of the year! Don't miss out on winter promotions, free accessories, fast delivery stock. Below these two Dscount furnaces:

1200 degree box furnace and tube furnace

1. Box furnace size: 200 * 200 * 200 300 * 300 * 300 Model: PT-1200M Product Description: The muffle furnace consists of high-purity alumina polycrystalline fiber brick. The air-cooling system is installed in the double layer between the furnace shells to make the temperature rise rapidly. 2. Tube furnace size: D60 * 300 D60 * 800 (diameter * hot zone length) Model: PT-1200TH Description:

box type furnace


crucible furnace


The slide tube furnace can quickly heat samples in different environments, such as vacuum, atmosphere and air.

Main applications, rapid annealing of various materials, silicidation, diffusion, crystallization and densification.


We have a variety of different optional furnaces to meet different heating requirements, we also accept customer designs

Furnace research and development work, please send us an email with your specific requirements, we will recommend the most reasonable choice for you, thank you!

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