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1400C open type three temperature zone tube furnace

1400C open type three temperature zone tube furnace

    Application:  Widely used in powder sintering under vacuum condition or atmosphere condition for enterprises and university, institution.
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Detailed Parameters Of The Product
Product Overview:
    The 1400C open type three temperature zone tube furnace is a CE-certified 3-temperature zone open tube furnace. Each temperature zone is controlled by three independent temperature control systems, and the temperature of each temperature zone is adjusted. , Can form four-stage temperature gradient in the heating zone or form a longer constant temperature zone. Each temperature control system is adjusted in PID mode, and 30 steps of temperature rise and fall programs can be set. The K-type thermocouple is used for temperature measurement and control, and its temperature control accuracy can reach +/- 1℃.

Technical parameter:

product name

Open type three temperature zone tube furnace

Product number


Furnace material

Furnace uses alumina polycrystalline fiber

Furnace tube size


Heating zone

Three temperature zone heating, each temperature zone 300mm

Furnace tube material

Quartz furnace tube

Operating temperature


Maximum temperature


Temperature control accuracy


Temperature control method

Touch screen control, independent temperature control of three temperature zones, each temperature zone can realize intelligent 30-segment PID programmable control, with over-temperature and burnout protection functions

Flange joint

Equipped with two stainless steel vacuum flanges, mechanical pressure gauge has been installed

Sealing system

The furnace tube and flange are extruded and sealed with a silica gel O-ring, which is convenient to remove and can be removed repeatedly, and has good air tightness. Gases such as argon and nitrogen can be vented.

Heating rate


Heating element

Resistance wire

Operating Voltage

AC220V 50Hz 

Temperature measuring element

3 K-type thermocouples, independent temperature control


Pre-evacuated to -0.1MPa (value of vacuum pressure gauge)

Provide related accessories

Crucible tongs, high temperature gloves, thermocouple, furnace plug, manual, warranty card, etc.

After-sales service

12-month warranty and lifetime warranty (except vulnerable parts)


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After-sales serveces

After-sales serveces