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Custom CVD Tube Furnace System

Custom CVD Tube Furnace System

    Application:  Suitable for CVD process, such as silicon carbide coating, ceramic substrate conductivity test, controlled growth of ZnO nanostructures, ceramic capacitor (MLCC) atmosphere sintering and other experiments.
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Detailed Parameters Of The Product
Part I: Standard Parts heating
Tube Furnace
Display LED Display(Computer Control)
Max. Temperature 1200
Continuous  Temp       ≤1100℃
Temperature Zone 150*200*150mm(3 Zones)
with independent temperature control
Heating Element Electric mo with wire
Thermocouple K type
Temperature Accuracy  ±1℃
Tube Size 160x 1000mm (OD x minimum L)
150mm(ID±2mm) Thickness 5mm
  Material:Quartz tube
 quartz tube
Temperature Control PID  automatic  control  via  SCR power
Heating curves 30 steps programmable
Safety Element
Over-temperature Alarm Over-current protection Power off when door open
Thermocouple broken indication
Vacuum Flange
One side is stainless steel water cooled vacuum flange with valve, the other side is water cooled hinged vacuum flange. Adopt Viton O-rings. Each Outlet has a PSV.
Including Air actuated on-off valve, linked to PSV and MFC(when pressure beyond 1 bar, both the MFC and furnace should be cut off, PSV release high
3 way Valve One for KF25 vacuum valve
Second for 1/8” valve
Third for 1/2” valve(to bubbler)
Power Supply 380V 50/60Hz 3 phases
Output Power Base on the final design

Part 2 Vacuum pump system
Vacuum Pump

VRD-8 rotary vane pump with pumping speed 2.2L/s vacuum pump+Flapper valve
Vacuum rate: -0.1mpa(Relative
Part 3 4 way Mass flow meters
4 Way Mass Flow Meters (Computer control)
Four precision mass flow meters :
MFC1: 0 to 2000 sccm, Accuracy ±-1.5%F.S. H2 MFC2: 0 to 2000 sccm Accuracy ±-1.5%F.S. CO2 MFC3: 0 to 2000sccm Accuracy ±-1.5%F.S. CH4 MFC4: 0 to 2000 sccm Accuracy ±-1.5%F.S. Ar
4 stainless steel needle valves is installed on left side of bottom case to control 4 type gases mixing manually
MFC could be controlled on the computer.
Mixing gas will be pre-heating at 100-200C before flow into the furnace tube.
SS tube with sprial shape
 (For reference only)
CVD system

cvd furnace


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