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Customized tube furnace

Customized tube furnace

    Application:  Specially manufactured for materials that require special heat treatment processes
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Detailed Parameters Of The Product
Product model: PT-T1400-L80-SJ

Main purpose: specially manufactured for materials that require special heat treatment processes

Product description:
    The gas insulation of this customized tube furnace uses a box furnace structure, which is heated by resistance wire. The tube furnace above is heated by silicon carbide rods, which is specially made for materials that require special heat treatment processes.
Product name: Customized tube furnace
Temperature: 1400℃
Controller touch screen operation
Cabinet color standard
Furnace size: pipe diameter 80mm, heating zone 400mm
Power supply:  380V, 50Hz, single-phase.
Power : 12kW
Heating element : silicon carbide rod, resistance wire
Heating rate : 10℃/min
Thermocouple:  Type S and Type K
Temperature controller standard

Remarks :
1. Customized tube furnace, the tube furnace is heated by silicon carbide rods, the highest temperature is 1400, the pipe diameter is 80mm, the heating zone is 400mm, with a gas holding furnace, the gas holding box furnace structure, heated by resistance wire, According to the design of up to 1000 degrees, the two furnace bodies are detachable, touch screen operation, vacuum ventilation is required, the vacuum degree can reach 20pa, with water-cooled collection tank, double-layer water-cooled collection tank is made of 316L material, and there is a vacuum pump interface on the side of the collection tank. The vent and valve, and the vacuum pump interface are welded with a double-layer sieve plate. The sieve plate has a mesh size of less than 400 mesh. The sieve plate can be disassembled and cleaned to prevent material reduction caused by vacuuming.

2. It is equipped with two kinds of furnace tubes and a low temperature. 800 degrees, 316L material metal tube.1 kind of corundum tube.

3. 4 sets of spare sealing rings, 4 sets of sieve plates, 2 sets of spare heating rods + 2 sets, including the ones that come with the furnace, a total of 3 sets + 2 sets

custom tube furnace


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