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Graphene cvd tube furnace

Graphene cvd tube furnace

    Application:  Suitable for CVD process, such as silicon carbide coating, ceramic substrate conductivity test, controlled growth of ZnO nanostructures, ceramic capacitor (MLCC) atmosphere sintering and other experiments.
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Detailed Parameters Of The Product
Product Overview:
    PT-OTF-1200-80*300-F3 is an idea system for graphene growth, it consists of one split tube furnace with 80mm diameter and 300mm long hot zone, one quartz tube or alumina tube is available. Its tube chamber could reach a high vacuum degree of 6.7*10-3Pa under cold state, it is also good choice for vacuum sintering. The gas-rout is specialy designed for N2 gas, H2 gas and CH4 gas. User can also choose other gases according to actual processing technology.

Technical parameter:

Display Touch screen
Chamber Split type
Max. Temperature 1200℃ for short time
Continuous Working Temp. ≤1100℃
Heating Rate Suggestion: 0~15℃/min (max. 20℃/min)
Temperature Zone 300mm
Constant Heating Zone 150mm
Heating Element Resistance Wire with Mo
Thermocouple K type
Temperature Control Accuracy ±1℃
Tube Size 80 x 800mm (OD x L)
  Material:  Alumina 
Temperature Control PID automatic control via SCR power control
Heating curves 32 steps programmable
Vacuum gauge Composite vacuum gage
Vacuum Flange Stainless Steel vacuum flange with valves and needles
Power source 220V, 50 Hz, single phase at max.3KW
Vacuum Pump Group
Include KF25, KF50 Adpater,bellow for vacuum pump group and mobile cabinet with wheels.
Ultimate vacuum 6.67*10-3Pa under cold state.
Flow scope (20, 30, 50, 100, 200, 300, 500) SCCM
Accuracy ±1.5 % F.S.
Repeat accuracy ±1.5 % F.S.
Response time ≦10sec
Working pressure difference range 0.1~0.5MPa
Pressure resistance 3MPa
Temperature Coefficient Zero: ≤±0.2% F.S./℃; Span: ≤±0.2% F.S./℃
Working environment temperature 5~45℃
Input signal 0 V ~ +5.00 V
Output signal 0 V ~ +5.00 V
Electric plug form DB15 pin(Female)
Power +15 V 50 mA
-15V 200 mA


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