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Custom CVD system

Custom CVD system

    Application:  Suitable for CVD process, such as silicon carbide coating, ceramic substrate conductivity test, controlled growth of ZnO nanostructures, ceramic capacitor (MLCC) atmosphere sintering and other experiments.
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Detailed Parameters Of The Product

Product Overview:
    This customized CVD system uses silicon carbide rods as heating elements, adopts a double-layer shell structure and a 30-segment program temperature control instrument, phase-shifting trigger, and SCR control. The furnace uses aluminum oxide polycrystalline fiber material and the furnace tube Both ends are sealed with stainless steel flanges. The stainless steel flanges are equipped with gas nozzles, valves, pressure gauges, and vacuum pump interfaces. It has the advantages of balanced temperature field, low surface temperature, fast temperature rise and fall, and energy saving.
technical parameter:

product name

Custom CVD system

Product number


Vertical tube furnace

Furnace mode

Vertical open type

Furnace material

Imported alumina refractory fiber

Heating element

High quality silicon carbide rod

Limit temperature


Operating temperature


Heating rate

≤20℃ (recommendation: 15℃/min)

Heating temperature zone

Single temperature zone, multiple temperature zone

Total length of temperature zone

200, 300, 440

Furnace tube material

High purity quartz tube, corundum tube

Tube diameter

40, 50, 60, 80, 100mm...

Sealing method

A set of 304 stainless steel vacuum flange (including sealing silicone ring)  

Control mode

Multi-segment intelligent PID program temperature control, reserved communication interface

Temperature control accuracy


Temperature curve

Multi-segment "time-temperature curve" can be set arbitrarily

Temperature measuring element

K-type thermocouple

Pneumatic system

Operating Voltage


Maximum output power


Operating temperature


Gas channel

Multiple air sources can be connected at the same time


Mass flowmeter

Range A  


Range B 


C-channel range  




Air pressure

-0.1~0.15 MPa

Shut-off valve

Stainless steel material

Gas connection pipe

1/4 stainless steel tube

Digital display vacuum gauge and connecting parts

Digital display vacuum gauge  

Digital display vacuum gauge installed on stainless steel flange

      Vacuum pump set (related connection accessories)

Vacuum pump

Vacuum pump and corresponding connecting pipe 220V/50HZ


ISO certification, CE certification

After-sales service

One year warranty and lifetime warranty (consumables: high temperature sealing ring, furnace tube, heating element, etc. are not covered by the warranty)

Custom CVD system


Zhengzhou Protech

After-sales serveces

After-sales serveces