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5g ceramic filter bell furnace

5g ceramic filter bell furnace

    Application:  Graphene growth, carbon nanotube development, silicon nitride film deposition, two-dimensional material growth, crystal material battery electrode field.
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Detailed Parameters Of The Product
      5G filter will have a large-scale development in the next five years. According to relevant data, there will be nearly 20 billion market demand in the next five years. Dielectric filter occupies a quarter of the whole market, up to tens of billions. At present, the production of ceramic dielectric filter is still in the primary stage, and major manufacturers strive to improve the technological process and enhance the production capacity.
In 5G era, the traditional metal cavity filter can not achieve the system compatibility problem of high suppression, while the ceramic dielectric cavity can solve these problems. The microwave dielectric ceramic filter is an important solution for 5G in the future.
    The performance of ceramic dielectric filter is determined by the ceramic powder formula and production process. It is necessary to control the process as much as possible to produce ceramic materials with less impurities, fewer defects and even distribution of grains.

The production process of ceramic dielectric filter is as follows:
1. Ingredients: set the proportion of various raw materials according to the formula;
2. Mixing: in the mixing workshop, weigh the ingredients with a balance, pour them into a designated container and put them into the mixer, and add different proportions of deionized water according to different formulas;
3. Drying: send the mixed materials to the drying oven for drying;
4. Pre burning: the dried materials are put into the low temperature tunnel furnace for pre burning (the pre burning temperature is controlled at 1100-1200 ℃)
5. Spray granulation: after precalcined materials are crushed lightly, polyvinyl alcohol (binder) is added to spray and granulate in full closed spray granulation, so that the material forms very uniform particles.
6. Dry pressing: dry pressing the granulated powder with a mold
7. CNC processing: depending on the product structure, add CNC process to products that can not be formed in one time, and press them;
8. Discharging and firing: the materials after dry pressing are sintered into porcelain by electric heating at 1600-1700 ℃;
9. Double sided grinding: green soft sand and water are used to grind the sintered blank to the exact size of the blank;
10. Surface metallization: the surface metallization is carried out by using silver slurry dropping hole, screen printing silver and burning silver after silver dipping;
After surface metallization, it can be debugged by CNC according to product performance requirements
11. Laser electrode: the metallized embryo is processed by laser, and the silver is burned off by laser source;
12. Machining electrode: the metallized embryo parts are processed by numerical control drilling machine, and the silver layer of electrode is removed by grinding with drill;
13. Cleaning and drying: clean and dry the embryo parts with qualified electrode;
14. Assembly: the dried products are SMT welded, reflow welded with solder paste, manually welded and divided into plates;
15. FM test: final FM test or laser automatic debugging through network analysis.
16. Product identification and shielding: identify and shield qualified products (paste bar code and shielding film)
17. Final test: conduct final test
18. Packaging: finally, the barcode scanning and packaging are carried out.
Our company provides professional ceramic filter heat treatment furnace, the pre sintering furnace has characteristics, the sintering furnace has characteristics, deeply trusted by the market

    Bell type sintering furnace is a high-temperature sintering furnace with periodic operation. The lifting system of shear screw is adopted for the lifting of the sintering platform. It can be used for batch production and sintering of zirconia, alumina, dielectric ceramics and other ceramic products.

1. The operating temperature is 1350 ℃ and 1550 ℃.
2. The furnace is fixed with special riveting structure, which will not crack or collapse for a long time.
3. Linear guide rail design, smooth movement without jitter, loading and unloading products are extremely convenient and safe.
4. Corundum mullite is embedded at the bottom of the burning plate to strengthen the support and prevent the burning plate from sinking.
5. Imported from Japan, multi-stage program temperature control and PID regulation meet the sintering requirements of multi-stage process curve storage
6. Over temperature protection function, over temperature automatic power off.
7. Expansion options: tail gas purification furnace, industrial control computer

Technical Parameters:




Heating element






Silicon molybdenum rod






Silicon molybdenum rod






Silicon molybdenum rod






Silicon molybdenum rod




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