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high pressure reactor

high pressure reactor

    Application:  Mainly used in the manufacture of new synthetic chemicals under certain temperature and pressure. It is widely used in scientific research and experimental fields such as new materials, energy, environmental engineering, etc.
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Detailed Parameters Of The Product
Features of high pressure reactor :
1, Static sealing structure
2, The mixer bath electrical machinery transmission uses the magnetic force couple connection.
3, No-touch passing moment, solving the stirred leak problem
4, Medium and the stirring member is in sealing state to work.

Mainly structure of high pressure reactor
High pressure reactor mainly composed of the reactor body,kettle cover,magnetic stirrer,heaters,valves,feeding month,internal cooling coil,the safe explosion device,pressure gauge,control instrument and lifting device.
1.reactor body,reactor cover made of stainless steel,reactor body and flange connected by liners or directly welded together.
2.Magnetic stirrer is the outer magnetic steel body rotation driven by motor,the outer magnetic steel body through the lines of magnetic force to drive the magnetic,in order to reach mixing purpose.
3.Heater:reactor body with the drum core of silicon furnace,heating resistance wire series,with uniform heat conduction effect,high heating speed.
4.At the upside,bottom,lateral of reactor cover is equipped with inlet valve,sampling valve,temperature measure and control device,safe blasting device,cooling coil,etc.
5.Safe blasting device is composed of blasting holder or the relief valve assembly pressure relief safety device.
6.solid loading port through threaded or directly welded on the reactor cover,using a wrench unscrew into charging after turning the screw plug.


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