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glass reactor

glass reactor

    Application:  Mainly used in the manufacture of new synthetic chemicals under certain temperature and pressure. It is widely used in scientific research and experimental fields such as new materials, energy, environmental engineering, etc.
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Detailed Parameters Of The Product

    Reagents are set in the inner layer of double-layer glass reaction kettle, at the same time, vacuum can be taken out and mixing speed be adjusted. Interlayer can lead in refrigerating fluid, water and high temperature liquid to heat and cool the materials. It can be used in the experiment, middle-scale test, and production of chemistry, fine chemical engineering, biological pharmacy and synthesis of new materials. 

Introduction of reaction kettle:
      The products can be made into system devices with multi-purpose circulating water vacuum pump, diaphragm vacuum pump, low temperature circulating pump(vacuum), circulating cooler, constant temperature circulator, low temperature cooling liquid circulating pump and closed cooling and heating circulating equipment.

Characteristics of uses:
1,High borosilicate glass has good physical and chemical properties.
2,Can be used in wide temperature range from high temperature (300°C)to low temperature(-80°C).
3,Can work in constant pressure and vacuum, vacuum degree is below 0.095MPa in quiet situation.
4,Digital display of mixing speed, , frequency conversion, and constant speed mixing system, work steadily.
5,The sealing method and materials between mixer shaft ,PTFE mixing propeller (paddle),and ketttle cover are Know how of our company.
6,Corrosion resistant discharge valve is without dead space design.
7,The cooling or heating solution in the interlayer can be completely removed after reaction.
8,The whole structure is novelty, practical and beautiful.

Technical data:                      



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