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Portable Precision Disc Cutter for 48.5mm Round Disc - MSK-T
model:- MSK-T50

Portable Precision Disc Cutter for 48.5mm Round Disc - MSK-T

    Application:  Mainly used in industries such as catalysis, silicate, ceramics, batteries, superconductivity, biochemical analysis and sample preparation of new materials.
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Zhengzhou Protech Zhengzhou Protech
Detailed Parameters Of The Product
    MSK-T50 is a Portable Precision Disc Cutter. This tool is manually operated and is designed for cutting 48.5mm round discs from thin metal or coated electrode sheet/foil (< 0.5 mm) during continuous roll to roll coating. The resulting discs can be used for testing coated disk quality, or may used as electrode discs of split test cell and coin cell for battery researches

Technical parameters:

Model Portable Precision Disc Cutter for 48.5mm Round Disc - MSK-T50
Cutting die
  • 48.5 mm precision die is included in standard package
  • 25.2mm cutting sizes are available upon request
Sample Thickness Range 0.05mm - 0.5mm
Product Dimensions 130mm(L) x 130mm(W) x 175mm(H)
Net Weight 1.2 kg (3 lbs)
  • One year limited manufacture warranty with lifetime support
  • Rusted and damaged parts due to improper storage condition or maintenance are not covered by warranty


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After-sales serveces