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High vacuum non-consumable arc furnace

High vacuum non-consumable arc furnace

    Application:  Suitable for smelting special steel, active and refractory metals such as titanium, molybdenum, and niobium (see vacuum metallurgy).
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Detailed Parameters Of The Product

Main Components and Technical Parameter

Ultimate vacuum: 3.0x10-4Pa.

The system leak rate is less than 5.0x10-8Pa.l / S.

The system starts pumping from the atmosphere and can reach 5x10-3 Pa in 20 minutes

After stopping the pump for 12 hours, the vacuum degree is ≤30Pa.

The system is mainly composed of arc melting vacuum chamber, arc gun, arc melting power supply, five-station water-cooled copper crucible, turning manipulator, vacuum suction casting device, magnetic stirring, working gas path, system extraction, vacuum measurement and electrical control system, installation machine  and other parts.

1. Arc Melting Vacuum Chamber Components

Vertical cylindrical vacuum chamber size: φ350mmX350mm, front door, double-layer water-cooled structure, made of stainless steel, argon arc welding, surface electrochemical polishing treatment, interface sealed with metal gasket or fluorine rubber ring, various methods on the cavity The blue interface is as follows:

1.1 DG80 flange interface (connected to the observation window);

1.2 DG100 interface flange (connected to the molecular pump);

1.3 ZC16 interface flanges (connected to regulatory control);

1.4 DG16 interface flanges (connected to the inflation valve);

1.5 One KF25 interface flange (connected to the side suction port);

1.6 1 KF10 interface flange (suction chamber suction);

1.7 1 manipulator interface;


2. Vacuum chamber cover assembly

2.1 One arc gun interface (arc smelting cathode);

2.2 One CF35 two-core lead interface;

2.3. One vacuum flange interface flange;


3. Arc Melting Cathode Assembly

Water-cooled electric arc gun: 1 set (non-contact arc starting method)


4. Suction Casting Chamber Components and Suction Casting Device

Suction casting room x 1

Mold interface x 1

Teacher provides mold style (provide standard suction casting mold Φ50XΦ5X90) x 1


5.Water-cooled Copper Crucible Assembly

The arc smelting anode has five stations, three with electromagnetic stirring a melting alloy station (70mm) + one suction casting station (50mm), one melting degassing station (50mm); the weight of the melting sample (determined by Fe): The maximum weight of the sample is 100 grams;


6. Manipulator Components

For turning alloy ingots under vacuum;


7.Window and Flange Interface Parts

7.1 φ80 arc light protection device: 1 set

7.2 Observation window flange (LED lighting): 1 set

7.3 Water-cooling device is installed at the connection of observation window.


8.Working Gas Circuit

8.1. KF16 angle valve: 1 way

8.2. DG16 angle valve, pipeline, joint (release vacuum flush nitrogen): 1 way


9. Air Extraction Unit, Valve and Pipeline

9.1 Working background vacuum obtained: molecular pump + mechanical pump

9.2 Compound molecular pump and variable frequency control power supply: 1 set (FF160-600 600L / S)

9.3 4L / S mechanical pump: 1 set

9.4 CD-J100 manual high vacuum baffle valve: 1 (for molecular pump and vacuum chamber isolation);

9.5 Molercularpump and mechanical pump soft connection metal hose: 1 set

9.6 KF25 electromagnetic differential pressure valve: 1set

9.7 Molecular pump pump port protection net: 1 set


10. Obtaining working exhaust

10.1 Bypass line and angle valve between mechanical pump and vacuum chamber: 1 set;

10.2 KF10 solenoid valve in suction casting room: 1 set

10.3 Electromagnetic isolation valve DDC-J25: 2 sets

10.4 Four-way pipeline: 1 set

10.5. Vacuum pressure gauge: 1 set


11.Vacuum Measurement and Electrical Control System

Supporting power

11.1 Wide-range digital vacuum gauge : 1 set

Thermocouple gauge: 1 set (1.0x105Pa ~ 1.0x10-1Pa);

 Ionization gauge: 1 set (1.0x10-1Pa ~ 1.0x10-5Pa);

11.2 IGBT arc welding power supply : 1 set; commonly used 500A, high frequency arc ignition.

11.3. Molecular pump control power: 1 set

Homemade Power

11.5. General control power supply for mechanical pumps, vacuum gauges, etc .: 1set

With power cut off and water protection.

11.6. Remote control power supply: 1 set

Equipped with various knobs such as arc start button, each display instrument.

11.7. Magnetic stirring power supply: 1 set

11.8 Stirring coil: 3 sets

11.9. Lighting power supply: 1 set


12. Install a set of machine stand and waterway components ---1set

High-quality square steel profiles (40mmX40mm X4) are welded, and the surface of the enclosure is spray-coated; the surface of the machine is decorated with stainless steel skin; four casters can be fixed and movable.

12.1 Cold water cycle machine: 0.5P x1 unit

12.2 Cable bracket: 1 set

12.3 Water pipe, water inlet and return device: 1 set each

12.4 Water flow relay: 1 set


13.Spare parts

13.1 Oxygen-free copper gasket: 1 set

13.2 Rubber ring at the dynamic seal: 1 set

13.3 φ80mm quartz glass: 1 piece

13.4 Equipment installation cable: 10 meters.


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