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Dual Target High-vacuum Magnetron Coating Sputtering System

Dual Target High-vacuum Magnetron Coating Sputtering System

    Application:  Mainly used to prepare metal, semiconductor, and insulator materials. And it has the advantages of simple equipment, easy control, large shell and strong strength.
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Detailed Parameters Of The Product
Bried Introduction:
This equipment is a small dual-target magnetron sputtering coating equipment. After modular design, the system is easy to install, flexible, and easy to maintain, suitable for scientific research and teaching experiments. It consists of a single-chamber ultra-high-vacuum dual-target magnetron sputtering chamber, which consists of a sputtering vacuum chamber and a pipeline. Equipped with a side-pumping system, the sample can be replaced without stopping immediately after startup, and the repeatability is good. It is used for plating various single-layer films and multi-layer film systems, and can realize single-target independent, dual-target rotation, dual-target co-sputtering and other sputtering modes. At the same time, reactive magnetron sputtering can be realized to prepare nitrides, oxides, etc., and can be plated and magnetically permeable metals, alloys, compounds, semiconductors, dielectric composite films and other chemical reaction films. As the test equipment, it has reached the best performance-price ratio.
Main components and Technical Parameters:
The system consists of a vacuum chamber, a rotating sample holder, a magnetron sputtering target, an armored heater, vacuum system, a vacuum measurement, a working gas path, and an electronic control system.
The ultimate vacuum is better than: 9.0x10-5Pa (after baking and degassing)
Vacuum leak rate is less than 2.0x10-8Pa.l / S
After the system has been exposed to the atmosphere for a short time and filled with dry nitrogen, it will start pumping, which can reach 6.0x10-4Pa in 40 minutes;
Vacuum after 12 hours of pump shutdown: ≤5 Pa

  1. Vacuum Chamber:1 set
The vacuum chamber size is Ф300x350mm. It has a manual upper cover to assist the hydraulic structure. There is an observation window in the front. The sample table can be rotated to connect the flange interface of various specifications such as armored heaters, vacuum gauges, and vent valves. Made of materials, argon arc welding, the surface is electrolytically polished. Sealed with metal or fluoro rubber. Equipped with a standard electrical box in one cabinet.

  1. Magnetron sputtering target assembly: 2 sets
2.1 Target size: Φ50mm (one of which can be sputtered magnetic material)
2.2 One permanent magnet target and one strong magnetic target: RF sputtering is compatible with DC sputtering, and the target is water-cooled; with a manual baffle.
2.3 The two targets can be sputtered towards the center of the sample below, and the distance between the target and the sample can be adjusted from 90 to 110 mm.
        3. Vacuum Accessory Parts
3.1 Intake angle valve: 2 sets;
3.2 RF100 observation window: 1 set;
3.3 Observation window flange: RF100 x 2
3.5 Resistance gauge: KF16 x 1
3.6 electrode lead: CF25 x1;
       4.Vacuum System and Vacuum Measurement:
4.1 4L / s mechanical pump x 1
4.2 F300 molecular pump x1
4.3 Electromagnetic KF20 valve x1
4.4 Vacuum gauge x 1
4.5 Angle valve RF16, pipeline, joint, inflation valve D6, etc . x 1 way (to release vacuum nitrogen filling);
4.6 KF25 electromagnetic pressure difference valve x 1
4.7 CF100 gate valve x 1

  1. Armored heating sample assembly: 1 set.
The heating area is Φ50mmX100mm (H), the maximum temperature of substrate heating is RM -600℃
± 1℃, which is controlled by thermocouple closed-loop feedback.
Equipped with a magnetic rotating shaft, the motor drive is less than 30 revolutions per minute.
  1. Metal seal copper ring and fluorine rubber seal ring of related specifications x 1 complete set
  1. Stainless steel fastening bolts, nuts, washers, etc  x  1 complete set
        8. Install the machine frame components x 1 set
Installation platform: The entire equipment is placed on a standard load-bearing electric box, and the box is spray-treated. Easy to disassemble, occupying a small area of 780mmX580mmx1200mm.
        9. Power control system: 1 set
The power supply is placed on a standard electrical box and mounted on a system rack.
      10. Homemade power
10.1. Control power supply x 1
10.2. Sample heating power supply x 1
      11. Supporting Power
11.1Vacuum gauge power supply: 1 set
11.2 DC 500W DC power supply: 1 set
11.3 RF AC500W power supply: 1 set
11.4 Flow display and flow controller: 1 set

      12. Spare parts: 1 set
12.1 Oxygen-free copper gaskets (related specifications); Several
12.2 Fluorine rubber seals: 1 set
12.3 Baking belt: 1
12.4 Small stainless steel parts: several
12.5 Electrical fuses: 3 each.

  1. Water Chiller: 1 set


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