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PT-2A Plasma cleaning system

PT-2A Plasma cleaning system

    Application:  Mainly used in plasma cleaning, etching, plasma plating, plasma coating, plasma ashing and surface modification.
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Detailed Parameters Of The Product

    Plasma cleaning machine (plasma cleaner) is also called the plasma surface treatment instrument, is a new high-tech technology, the use of plasma to achieve the result of conventional cleaning methods can not meet. Plasma is a state of matter, also known as the fourth state of matter. Impose enough energy to make it on gas ionization became a plasma state. Plasma "active" components include: ions, electrons, reactive, excited states of nuclides (metastable), photon, etc. The nature of the plasma cleaning machine is through the use of these active component to deal with the sample surface, so as to realize clean, etc.

*Power supply: AC220V
*Working current: Total working current not higher than1.2A(Not include the vacuum pump)
*RF Power: 200W
*Radio frequency: 40KHZ(offset less than 0.2Hz)
*Frequency offset Less than 0.2KHz
*Characteristic impedance: 50 Ohm,Automatic matching
*Vacuum degree: 30Pa—100Pa
*Gas flow: 10—100ml/min(Adjustable)
*Process Control: MCU Automatic and manual mode
*Cleaning time: 1-6000 secds adjustable
*Power  10%-100% Adjustable
*Inside chamber size 100mm×270mm
*Outside dimension: 440*390*200mm
*Weight: 25Kg
*Vacuum chamber temperature: Less than 65°C
*Cooling type: Forced cooling


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After-sales serveces