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PL—DW200 Plasma cleaning machine

PL—DW200 Plasma cleaning machine

    Application:  Mainly used in plasma cleaning, etching, plasma plating, plasma coating, plasma ashing and surface modification.
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Detailed Parameters Of The Product

    Plasma cleaning machine using a plasma plasma cleaning, plasma is generated by means of a plurality of electrodes forming an electric field is provided in a sealed container which, to use a vacuum pump to a certain value due to the electric field, they occurred when the collision of the plasma formed in the plasma thus produced can achieve the effect of a surface cleaning treatment.

Outside dimension(Not include the warning lights):W1110mm×H1850mm×D1010mm
Internal dimension:W580mm×H530mm×D580mm
Electrode layers :6layers 
Plate size:560(W)×520D) 
 Radiofrequency generator
RF Generator.13.56MHz,,Voltage0-2000WContinuous adjustment, automatic impedance matching
 Control system
PLC touch screen ,There are automatic and manual control, Omron, Siemens, and other world famous brand electrical components, stable and reliable performance, 
 Vacuum system 
(ULVAC)Mechanical vacuum pump VDN901 (23L/S).Pneumatic angle valve, pneumatic valve, DN40 stainless steel vacuum bellows,Inficon Precision vacuum gauge, regulation
 Gas processing
Two-way configuration process gases (argon, oxygen) U.S. high-precision electronic flow meter.Swagelok Polished stainless steel gas tube


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