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Maintenance method of box furnace

Box furnace is a type of electric furnace with a box shaped appearance and furnace, belonging to the heat treatment furnace. The workpiece of the box furnace is fixed during the entire heating process of the heat treatment experiment. Just open the furnace door, neatly place the tools that need to be tested in the middle of the furnace, and then close the furnace door. When taking out workpieces, it is also necessary to open the furnace door, take out the workpieces, and close the furnace door, also known as a muffle furnace.Box furnaces can be divided into Standard Furnace , Atmosphere Furnace , Crucible Furnace , Bell Furnace and  Trolley Furnace.

Large 1700°C Box Muffle Furnace
Large 1700°C Box Muffle Furnace

Box furnaces have the advantages of high temperature accuracy and easy operation. Mastering the maintenance methods of box furnaces can improve the efficiency of electric furnace use, save costs, and improve the economic benefits of enterprises. Mastering the maintenance methods of high-temperature box furnaces can improve the efficiency and lifespan of electric furnaces. Below is a brief introduction to the maintenance methods of box furnaces:

The heating program of the box furnace is already prepared before leaving the factory, and users follow the operating steps in the manual when using it. The box furnace will automatically heat up, but attention should be paid to observation during the heating process. If there is a temperature deviation, let the electric furnace run for a period of time to observe. If the deviation cannot be eliminated, or if the deviation is too large or the temperature fluctuates too frequently, it is necessary to activate the self tuning function to assist in controlling the parameters. If it still doesn't work, you need to contact the manufacturer for resolution.

Large 1700°C Box Muffle Furnace
Box type pyrolysis carbonization furnace

When using a box furnace, it should also be noted that it is strictly prohibited to directly heat workpieces containing high moisture, volatile matter, organic matter, etc. into the furnace. At the same time, it is strictly prohibited to heat metal, glass, and other high-temperature molten substances into the furnace without a crucible load. It is necessary to frequently check the condition of the electric heating components. If they experience aging, cracking, or short circuits, they should be corrected and exchanged in a timely manner. And often remove debris, dust particles, and scattered objects from the furnace to maintain cleanliness.

In short, the box furnace should be operated strictly according to the user manual during use, and the electric furnace should also be cleaned and cleaned after use. The main thing is that the furnace must be cleaned thoroughly in order to ensure the quality of the next experimental workpiece.