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Operating instructions for tubular furnace

Tubular furnace is an indispensable mechanical equipment in metallurgy, abrasive and other industries. It has excellent performance, accelerates the progress of staff work, and also promotes the development of these industries. In order to better use the equipment, we should follow the following instructions during operation:

(1) Place the furnace tube symmetrically in the center of the furnace, place the sample in the center of the furnace tube, place the pipe plug at both ends of the furnace, and assemble it in the order of inner flange sleeve, sealing ring, pressure ring, sealing ring, and outer flange sleeve. Tighten three hexagon screws evenly and in turns in several times to ensure that the flange is not skewed;LGEMuffle Furnace,Tube Furnace,Vacuum Furnace,Atmosphere Furnac

(2) The gas circuit shall be opened in the order of main valve, partial pressure valve and pipeline switch of the gas cylinder, and closed in the opposite direction when closed;LGEMuffle Furnace,Tube Furnace,Vacuum Furnace,Atmosphere Furnac

(3) Connect the gas path according to the sequence of inlet pipe, inlet valve, outlet valve and safety bottle, and adjust the gas flow rate through the inlet valve and gas path switch, generally subject to the continuous bubbling of 1 bubble in the safety bottle;LGEMuffle Furnace,Tube Furnace,Vacuum Furnace,Atmosphere Furnac

(4) Turn on the air switch, turn on the power key, enter the program temperature setting, press the heating key, and start working;LGEMuffle Furnace,Tube Furnace,Vacuum Furnace,Atmosphere Furnac

(5) After the program is over, the ventilation can be stopped until the furnace temperature is naturally cooled to below 100 ℃, the furnace can be opened, and the materials can be taken out.LGEMuffle Furnace,Tube Furnace,Vacuum Furnace,Atmosphere Furnac