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Overview of commonly used box type furnace products

Overview of common box type furnace products:
1. Generally, box type furnace is suitable for complex laboratory application or simulation of production process
2. Extremely short heating time, excellent temperature distribution in the furnace
3. Solid double-layer shell with rear ventilation, effectively reducing shell surface temperature
4. The side wall of shell, furnace door and furnace door lining are made of stainless steel
5. Right side of furnace door hinge installation
6. With furnace door safety switch
7. Standard configuration includes furnace support
8. The multi-layer insulation structure made of strong refractory bricks can effectively reduce heat loss and energy consumption, and reduce energy costs
9.5 Surface heating (left, right, furnace door, rear wall, bottom), temperature distribution in furnace is uniform
10. The heating element is installed in the ceramic support tube, directly in front of the insulation layer, free radiation heat
11. The bottom heating element is protected by silicon carbide plate, with good wear resistance and heat conduction.