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What kinds of industrial furnaces can be divided according to process use?

Industrial furnaces can be divided into:
1) Forging furnace: mainly heating furnace, which is used for heating metal materials before forging, rolling and stamping to increase their plasticity, such as chamber furnace, semi continuous furnace and rotary fireplace.
2) Heat treatment furnace: heating (quenching, annealing, carburizing, etc.) for the purpose of changing metal crystal structure, such as well furnace, salt bath furnace and bottom vibrating furnace.
3) Casting furnace: mainly includes smelting furnace and drying furnace. Smelting furnaces are used for melting and refining metals, such as cupola, electric arc furnace and induction furnace. The drying furnace is used for drying molding sand, clay and sand core, such as hot air drying furnace, roller drying furnace and vertical drying furnace.
4) Drying room: mainly used for drying various solvents, moisture and liquids, such as paint drying room, wood drying room and cleaning drying room.