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Learn the installation and use of muffle furnace

Installation and use of muffle furnace
1. After the arrival of muffle furnace equipment, check the equipment first to see whether the equipment accessories are complete, so as not to affect the use.
2. After checking that the equipment accessories are complete, place them on a flat ground. Note that the controller of the muffle furnace should take shock proof measures and should not be too close to the heat source.
3. When the thermocouple is connected with the muffle furnace, the positive and negative electrodes shall be confirmed first to avoid affecting the use of the equipment due to the reverse connection of the positive and negative electrodes.
4. Muffle furnace shall be equipped with a special power switch, so that it is more convenient to control the main power supply during use.
5. When the muffle furnace is used for the first time, it is necessary to check its operation manual, and then operate according to the steps in the manual, such as setting the temperature to zero first, so that the later control will be more accurate.
6. Check the wiring. After confirming that there is no error, cover the controller and start the work.
7. In order not to affect the service life of muffle furnace, it is recommended that the heating rate and cooling rate during use be 10 ℃ /min.
8. After the muffle furnace has been used for a period of time, there will be small cracks in the furnace. This is a normal phenomenon and will not affect its use. It can be ignored or repaired with alumina coating.
9. Corrosive gas is not recommended for muffle furnace. If strong corrosive gas such as s, Na, etc. is to be introduced, contact the manufacturer for special treatment of the furnace before such gas can be introduced.
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