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How to choose the right high temperature furnace?

1. The high-temperature furnace adopts closed-loop technology thyristor module trigger control, phase-shift trigger control mode, and the output voltage, current or power is continuously adjustable, and has the characteristics of constant voltage, constant current or constant power; the current loop is an inner loop, and the voltage loop is For the outer loop, when the load is suddenly applied or the load current exceeds the current limit value, the output current of the voltage regulator is limited within the rated current range to ensure the normal operation of the output and the voltage regulator; at the same time, the voltage loop also participates in the adjustment, making the voltage regulator The output current of the heater is limited within the rated current range, and the output current and voltage are kept constant under the premise of sufficient adjustment margin; so as to protect the heating element from the impact of excessive current and voltage, and achieve safe and reliable control effect and control precision.

2. Three layers of heat preservation are adopted, namely: aluminum silicate fiberboard, alumina fiberboard, and alumina (polycrystalline) fiberboard, which not only has good heat preservation effect, but also saves more than 80% of the energy-saving effect of the old electric furnace. And long-term use of the furnace, the shell temperature is less than 45 degrees, this temperature will never cause burns to the human body. Using an integrated module control unit, the control accuracy is accurate, and dual-loop control and dual-loop protection are designed, suitable for high-temperature furnaces? It has protections such as overshoot, overshoot, undershoot, segment couple, how to choose phase loss, overvoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature, current feedback, soft start, etc.

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