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Vacuum furnace related problems and solutions

Nuotai Technology has sorted out some of the problems and solutions encountered in the use of vacuum experimental furnaces for everyone. Let's take a look at it together:

Vacuum furnace

1. Temperature failure of  high temperature vacuum furnace:

Causes: (1) The thermocouple wire is disconnected or contaminated (2) The temperature control instrument is faulty (3) The thermocouple compensation wire is connected reversely or short-circuited

Remedy: (1) Replace the thermocouple (2) Repair according to the instrument manual (3) Reconnect or eliminate

2. The maximum temperature of the vacuum furnace cannot reach the rated value:

Causes: (1) Necrosis of the heat shield (2) Aging of the heating element

Remedy: (1) Repair or replace the heat shield (2) Replace the electric heating element


3. The oil temperature is too high:

Causes: (1) Sundries are sucked into the pump (2) The temperature of the sucked gas is too high (3) The amount of cooling water is insufficient

Remedy: (1) Remove debris (2) Install a cooling device on the air inlet pipe (3) Enhance the cooling water flow


4. The surface of the gas quenched parts is not bright


Causes: (1) The furnace vacuum is low (2) The purity of the shielding gas is not enough (3) The charging pipeline is not pre-exhausted


Remedy: (1) Increase the vacuum degree of the furnace (2) Increase the purity of the shielding gas (3) Before opening the furnace, the charging pipeline should be pre-exhausted.