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Introduction and application scope of protective atmosphere box furnace

    Today I will give you a brief introduction to the protective atmosphere box furnace: the protective atmosphere box furnace body structure is similar to the high temperature box furnace. The box furnace body is welded from angle steel and steel plate. The furnace lining adopts an energy-saving composite furnace lining structure. Various protective atmospheres are introduced inside, and special corrosion-resistant refractory bricks are used. The furnace body is equipped with protective atmosphere access pipes and valves, and the sealing of the furnace door is strengthened. The protective atmosphere can achieve the purpose of reducing the oxidation of the workpiece.
protective atmosphere box furnace
Application scope:
1. The application is different in different environments. There are cupola furnaces, induction furnaces, resistance furnaces, vacuum furnaces, etc. for melting metals; there are also various heating furnaces for heating steel ingots or billets before forging;
2. In the metal heat treatment workshop, there are various annealing, normalizing, quenching and tempering furnaces to improve the mechanical properties of the workpiece;
3. In the welding workshop, there are pre-welding furnaces and post-welding tempering furnaces for weldments;
4. There is a heating furnace for sintering metal in the powder metallurgy workshop.