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What indicators should be controlled for tube furnace operation?

 What indexes should be controlled for tube furnace operation:
   1. Gas pressure and flow rate. The gas pressure is usually stable at 1960~2450Pa. When the properties and flow of tar are stable, which indicators are controlled? The gas flow rate should also be stable. When the current one fluctuates, it is necessary to adjust the flow rate accordingly. The first adjustment method is to change the pressure of the branch pipe to reach the stability of the tar outlet temperature in Sections I and II.

   2. The influence and adjustment of air intake. The air intake is mainly determined by the opening of the air inlet baffle and the opening of the flue gate. The gas injection speed also has a certain influence on the air volume. The large opening of the inlet baffle reduces the resistance and increases the amount of air; the large opening of the flue gate must increase the suction and increase the air intake. The amount of air must be suitable. Usually, the air excess coefficient a in tube furnace heating is 1.4-1.6.

   The use of the flue gate can also adjust the outlet temperature of a section, usually the flue suction is maintained at 98-118Pa. Ⅰ. The operation of the tube furnace should be affected by the pressure, flow and moisture of the tar in the second stage.

   As long as the operation of the tar plunger pump and the center tank are stable, it is possible to make the first stage tar dehydration stable and stable, so that the second stage heating and transpiration operation can be stabilized to meet the suitable requirements.