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What is the development direction of the muffle furnace?

What is the development direction of the muffle furnace?
muffle furnace
  1. The top-combustion hot blast stove is adopted to strengthen the combustion capacity, improve the combustion efficiency, increase the heat exchange area per unit air volume, strengthen the heat exchange efficiency, shorten the air supply time (30-45min), effectively recover the heat of the exhaust gas, and improve the overall thermal efficiency.

  2. Adopt a single blast furnace dry dust removal gas as fuel, and make full use of the waste heat of exhaust gas to preheat the gas and combustion air. Under the premise of ensuring the supply air temperature ≥ 1250 ℃, control the dome temperature of the top-combustion hot blast stove ≤ 1400 ℃, and reduce the temperature difference between the dome temperature and the supply air temperature ≤ 100 ℃.

  3. Choose acid or partial acid refractories. High-quality silica bricks are used in the medium and high temperature areas, and high-strength high-quality clay bricks are used in the medium and low temperature areas. The heat storage body adopts 19-hole or 37-hole checker brick. The service life of refractory materials of hot blast stove is ≥25 years.

   4. One blast furnace is equipped with 3 hot blast stoves. The super-large blast furnace should also be developed in the direction of configuring three hot blast furnaces.