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The atmosphere of the atmosphere furnace is uniform

The atmosphere of the atmosphere furnace is uniform
atmosphere furnace
   In order to maintain a certain carbon potential in the furnace, in addition to controlling the stability of the gas produced, the atmosphere in the furnace must be automatically controlled. Therefore, there is no need for various control instruments to continuously or periodically measure and adjust the amount of gas supplied to the furnace to achieve the purpose of controlling the carbon potential in the furnace.
    In order to update the atmosphere in the furnace and maintain a certain pressure in the furnace, it is necessary to control the flow and direction of the atmosphere in the furnace. Especially for continuous through-type furnaces, because the carbon potential requirements of each section of the furnace are different, the control of the furnace gas flow direction is more important.
    In order to improve the quality of various heat treatments of parts, a circulating fan is generally installed in the furnace to uniform the atmosphere in the furnace, strengthen the heat transfer conditions in the furnace, and improve the uniformity of the furnace temperature.